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Photo by Chris Anthony Diaz

About Sarah Romano:


 I am a comics artist in Seattle, WA. My two newest mini comics are Rootless and Sportsgirls' Paradise. Rootless is a wordless comic capturing a woman who pulls her tooth and becomes more free. Sportsgirls' Paradise is an auto-bio comic about how one becomes a feral child of the woods and an excellent fisher.


 There are three issues of my Crust comic series. It is titled: Another One Bites The Crust (2022). Issues one & two were published in 2017 and 2018. Other books that came out in 2022 are Fantasma (in collaboration with the artist Zomar) and Bone Zone. 


 My work appears in The Stranger, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Weekly, several comics anthologies such as Scarfff, Mundane Fantasy, and Pickle Jar Zine.


 I have contributions in Board 2 Death (2018 by Paper Press Punch), Northwest Cartoonists Cookbook published by Fantagraphics Bookstore (2017), RESIST! published by Desert Island Comics (2017), issue six of the quarterly Hey Lady published by Regina Schilling (2016), Hey Lady issue nine (2018)and Bloody Pussy- a feminist comics paper put together by Short Run Small Press Fest organizers which was inducted into The Library of Congress, along with some of my other comics.

 I show work in group shows, solo art shows sometimes, and table at comix events as often as I can.





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